Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello Lamb/ The Perspectives of Elsewhere

Our 2009 program has begun with a Japanese - New Zealand collaboration The Perspectives of Elsewhere.

The show is a cultural exchange project involving artists from Auckland and Tokyo. Michelle Armistead, former Director of the Blue Oyster, traveled to Japan in 2008 with the New Zealand artists group Hello Lamb who exhibited their Do It Yourself Shelf Museum of Possibilities for the first time in GEISAI Museum 2. The result of this trip is the exhibition The Perspectives of Elsewhere, which was exhibited in Auckland in September last year, involving invited artists from Japan exhibiting alongside Hello Lamb artists. In it's third incarnation the DIY shelf museum has diversified, grown and in some cases spread off the shelf into other regions of the gallery.

The group's name Hello Lamb is a merger of the iconic Japanese phenomena Hello Kitty, and New Zealand's cultural tourism trademark - the sheep. This combination represents a meeting point and engagement between both cultures. It is this cross cultural communication and translation, which the artists involved are interested in exploring.

The exhibition will be on show until 21 February.

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